Management of culture, archive and

documentation in Karagandy region

“Zhanaarka local history museum

named after Saken Seifullin”



The museum was created by initiative of Dalbay Iztoleuov, veteran of the Great Patriotic War, teacher of  history. He had begun to collect exhibits since 1960, but officially it was opened in 1984. Museum was managed by Mannat Kasenova from 1984 to 1993, Bakhtiyar Koshmaganbetov from the end of 1993 to August 1994, Hamit Daribayev from  October 10, 1994 to August 2006, Zamzam M. Amanov from January 17, 2007 to the present. The aim of the museum is:

  • to ensure the preservation, acquisition and restoration of historical and cultural values;
  • purposeful propaganda of Seifullin's heritage as poet, writer and politician;
  • patriotic upbringing;
  • aesthetic, moral upbringing of the younger generation and the entire population through the propaganda of local history;
  • to take part in international cultural events and actions

The museum consists of 4 rooms:

  1. Hall of traditional values and nature of native land
  2. Hall about life and creativity of Saken Seifullin
  3. Hall of the history of Zhanaarka
  4. Hall about notable celebrities of the steppe

Area of the museum is 301.1 square meters;

Area of the exhibition halls is 230.5 square meters